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Meta Network is a decentralized crypto currency that leverages meta technology to provide fast, secure, and scalable transactions. With a focus on innovation and user adoption, AGC Coin aims to become the go-to digital currency for everyday use. With its unique consensus algorithm and robust architecture, AGC Coin offers a reliable and efficient platform for transferring value, without the need for intermediaries


We have big plans for the future of Request.

Q3 2024: Coin Launch

  • Conduct a successful initial coin offering (ICO) to fund the development and launch of coin
  • Develop and test the core technology and features of AGC Coin, including its consensus algorithm, security protocols, and transaction speed
  • Launch the coin on selected cryptocurrency exchanges to make it available for trading
  • Q4 2024: Wallet Launch

  • Develop and launch secure and user-friendly wallets for coin on desktop and mobile platforms
  • Integrate support for multiple operating systems and devices
  • Allow users to store, send, and receive Meta Network coins easily and securely
  • Q1 2025: Own Stable Coin

  • Develop and launch an own stable coin for AGC Coin eco system
  • Provide an easy way to convert volatile cryptocurrencies to stable coins and back
  • Provide an easy way to convert volatile cryptocurrencies to stable coins and back
  • Q3 2025: Own Exchange

  • Develop and launch an own cryptocurrency exchange to enable users to trade AGC Coin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Provide a user-friendly and secure platform for buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies
  • Implement advanced trading features and tools, such as margin trading, stop-loss orders, and more.
  • Q4 2025: Listing on Coin Gecko

  • List Meta Network on Coin Gecko, a popular cryptocurrency data aggregator
  • Allow users to easily track the price, market cap, trading volume, and other key metrics of AGC Coin
  • Increase the visibility and credibility of AGC Coin among the wider cryptocurrency community
  • Q1 2026: Listing on Coin Market Cap

  • List AGC Coin on Coin Market Cap, one of the largest cryptocurrency data aggregators
  • Increase exposure and marketability of AGC Coin among potential investors and traders
  • Enable more accurate tracking and analysis of AGC Coin's performance and market trends
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